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Bar North Sydney

Create the Perfect Date Night at a Small Bar in North Sydney

Are you looking for the right bar in North Sydney to wine and dine your date this weekend? Hendriks Cognac & Wine combines a relaxed atmosphere with a curated list of wines from all over the world, a fun and tempting cocktail menu, and delicious gourmet food. We invite you to order an old favourite or try something new – either way, you and your date are sure to have a blast. 

Tips Regarding Date Night at a North Sydney Bar

If you want to create the perfect date, there are a few factors to consider to ensure the evening goes smoothly. Whether this is your first date or your 100th, here are some tips to help you both have a great time:

  • Choose a casual bar. Hendriks Cognac & Wine is ideal for date night because it isn’t too fancy, nor is it a dive bar. We want you and your date to be comfortable and feel welcome as you sample our irresistible menu and get to know each other. 

  • Go somewhere you can eat. A cocktail or two can definitely calm the first-date jitters or help you unwind from a busy week. However, it’s best to have something in your stomach and besides, eating something gives you something to do with your hands. 

  • Make a reservation. We do welcome walk-ins, but we strongly suggest booking your table. The last thing you want on a date night is to show up and find that there’s a long wait or that you suddenly have to make other plans. Book ahead and be sure that you’ll be seated quickly.

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What You Can Expect from Hendriks Cognac & Wine as a North Sydney Bar

What makes Hendriks such a wonderful date night choice? We think there are many answers to this question, a few of which include:

  • The atmosphere. We’re all about a casual atmosphere and strive to make every guest feel welcome and thoroughly enjoy their experience with us. We strive for a friendly, down-to-earth vibe. We love Cognac and wine – but not snobs, so you don’t have to worry about that here. Just come and enjoy yourself and our bar. 

  • The cocktails. We are passionate about Cognac and aim to showcase how versatile it can be in a range of tasty cocktails. If you aren’t sure what to order, ask us for recommendations – we’re always happy to share what we know and help match you with your perfect drink. 

  • The food. If you haven’t tried one of our giant gourmet jaffles before, you’re in for a treat. Order one to share with your date or get your own – we won’t judge.

About Hendriks Cognac & Wine

At Hendriks Cognac & Wine, we combine the best in taste with a casual, inclusive atmosphere. Whether you are stopping in for a few drinks with friends or indulging in a unique dining experience, you’ll feel welcome and relaxed. We welcome walk-ins but recommend booking a table to ensure that you can enjoy our offerings when you’re ready. Please contact us here for more information.


Cognac Bar Sydney

Make Yourself at Home at Our Cognac Bar in Sydney

When searching for a local establishment where you can relax and enjoy some time out with friends over a few glasses of delicious drinks, our cognac bar in Sydney meets the brief. With our warm and inviting atmosphere, extensive drinks menu and a delicious selection of food, we have something to suit everyone and any occasion.

Tips Regarding Our Cognac Bar

Consider our tips below to get the most out of your visit to our wine and cognac bar

  • Attend one of our events: You can increase your knowledge and have an exciting time with your friends when you attend one of our events. From cheese and wine pairings to cocktail creations and learning everything there is to know about cognac, we are sure to have a masterclass to suit you and that guarantees a fun night. 

  • Try something new: Our carefully crafted drinks menu include a range of local wines and the finest vinos from around the world. With more than 100 different wines available and custom created cocktails that showcase the versatility and distinguished taste of cognac, we have something new for you to try with each visit. 

  • Make a reservation: While we do welcome walk-ins, be sure to make a reservation so you don’t miss out on your chance to relax at our down-to-earth venue. You can readily reserve a table to suit your requirements with our user-friendly online booking system.

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What Sets Us Apart Regarding a Cognac Bar

We provide exceptional hospitality and an inviting casual atmosphere.

  • Exquisite drinks: You can enjoy your favourite local wine or try delicious cognac from around the world. We also have a complete range of exquisite cocktails masterfully created by our bartenders for your entertainment and enjoyment. There is sure to be a beverage to suit everyone’s taste.

  • Delicious food: We know that with every tasty drink you should accompany it with delicious food. That is why we offer a selection of share platters, sweet desserts, savoury dishes and our famous giant gourmet jaffles. We take the iconic Australian creation and make it grand with our custom size bread loaves, forged iron plates and a delicious combination of ingredients including a cognac, mushroom and cheese option. 

  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere: Our warm and friendly environment is ideal for casual after-work drinks, dinner out with friends or as a function venue for any special occasion.

About Hendriks Cognac & Wine

Our cognac and wine bar is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed drinking experience with your family, friends or colleagues. We have an extensive range of wines, cocktails, and more so that you can delight in the taste of your favourite beverage or expand your palate with a new blend. You can make your visit a complete sensory experience with carefully crafted food and wine pairings recommended by our bartenders or opt for a casual catch up with friends over a glass. Contact us to make a booking.