Common Mistakes People Make Regarding our Cocktail Bar in Sydney

We strive to make your visit memorable and accommodate your unique taste. 

  • Be honest about your preferences. If you like sweet cocktails, let us know. The same goes for fruity drinks or strong flavours. The more we discuss what you like, the better we can make a cocktail to suit your palette. Whether you order one off the menu or make your own, don’t be afraid to splash out and try something different. 

  • Ask questions. Part of the appeal of our cocktail menu is the eccentric ingredients and custom-made syrups we use to create our drinks. While you may not be familiar with many of the elements, our bartenders have sufficient knowledge to let you know exactly what goes into your favourite. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and even request a taste, as we want you to enjoy your experience with us.

  • Drink water. Many of our strong cocktails require you to pace yourself. Just because you can’t taste the alcohol, doesn’t mean it’s not there. We will always serve a bottle of water with each cocktail to remind you to stay hydrated. You and your liver will thank us the next morning.


Cocktails Sydney

Come and Enjoy our Creatively Designed Cocktails in Sydney

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Crows Nest, lies Hendriks Cognac & Wine, a relaxed bar and restaurant offering premium wine, cognac and cocktails in Sydney.

Citrus and Chili Cocktail

Little Known Facts About Sydney Cocktails

Glassware has evolved to enhance the look and taste of cocktails. Each glass serves two purposes: to enhance the aroma and keep the temperature constant. These factors make for an enjoyable drinking experience at our cocktail bar.

  • Martini glass. You can identify a martini glass from its large bowl and conical bottom. The long stem controls the temperature of your cocktail, as drinks served in this glass are typically served without ice. Initially shaken or stirred with ice, we’ll then strain the liquid into the glass. Apart from maintaining the temperature, the cone-shaped glass keeps the ingredients together, and the open bowl serves as a large surface area for the aromas to breathe. 

  • Rocks glass. Also known as an old fashioned or lowball glass, these short tumblers are ideal for drinks on-the-rocks. These glasses are best for cocktails that contain more alcohol than a mixer. The shape of the glass accommodates multiple blocks of ice, with adequate room for stirring. The wide opening lets off delicious scents as you enjoy your drink.

  • Highball glass. Also referred to as a Collins glass, we serve our tall cocktails and mixed drinks in these, usually over ice. The smaller opening promotes bubble retention, keeping your drink fresh while you sip on it.

Why Visit our Sydney cocktail bar?

If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a signature cocktail, or a venue to hold your function, then Hendriks Cognac & Wine is the ideal setting for you. Come and enjoy time spent with friends and family in our relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Contact us to secure your booking.