Gourmet Jaffles

Iconic Australian, Done Differently

Here at Hendriks, we lived up to the meaning ‘Go Big or Go Home’ & it’s from there, our giant sized gourmet jaffles were born. 

It started by developing our custom sized bread tins to create our completely unique sized bread loaves. Naturally no 'Jaffle Iron' existed that would fit our bread. We then commissioned our very own forged iron plates to cook our delicious creations.

We have slaved in the kitchen day & night to come up with our unique combinations to ensure we are offering up the most mouth watering fillings, all starting with the perfect cheese blend.

From slow-cooked shallots, a four cheese melting mix, a cognac drizzle; the taste is unbeatable. 

This is pure indulgence & we have a taste sensation for everyone. There is no question it will leave you wanting more.