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What You Can Expect from Hendriks Cognac & Wine Regarding our North Sydney Wine Bar

Although each person’s expectations and preferences are different, we aim to exceed your perceptions, and strive to turn new faces, into familiar friends.

  • Consistent offering. Constant on-the-job training allows our service techniques, product, and entertainment offering to always be up to your standards. Our food and drinks are the cornerstone of our business, and we adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure out flavour and presentation profile remain unchanged. 

  • Education. We understand that many of you don’t know how to drink cognac for the first time, which is why our staff love to share their knowledge with you to enhance your experience. From cheese and wine pairings to our finely crafted syrups, our educated staff will give you some flavoursome facts that you can share with your friends.

  • It’s all about you. As soon as you step through our doors, we treat you like family. From our warm and welcoming ambience to quick and reliable personalised service, we ensure that your experience is memorable.


Wine Bar North Sydney

Enjoy Boutique Beverages at our Wine Bar in North Sydney

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or wanting a casual cocktail, Hendriks Cognac & Wine offers a welcoming environment for any event. Visit our wine bar in North Sydney to experience urban dining, complemented by carefully selected wines and cognac. 


Related Services We Provide At Our North Sydney Wine Bar

Whatever your preferences, our holistic menu offers something to suit everyone’s taste.

  • Food menu. We can’t leave you on an empty stomach while enjoying some of the finest wine and cognac at our wine bar, which is why we’ve selected a simple, yet gourmet assortment of cuisine to complement our beverages. We all know how well cheese and wine pairs, and our grape-based cognac shares the same relationship. Our soft blues and mild smoky cheese boards pair perfectly with your favourite glass. 

  • Cognac menu. Our expansive range of cognacs ensures you will find a flavour that suits your palate and your budget. Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif, diluting your cognac with a bit of water reveals fruity and spicy notes, ensuring a smooth tasting experience. For a more refreshing drink, adding ice cubes can uncover new aromas while the ice melts. Whether you’re a newbie looking for a new favourite, or an accomplished cognac enthusiast, let our knowledgeable staff offer advice to pair you with your ideal match. 

  • Cocktail menu. A mouth-watering way to experience cognac is in our range of signature cocktails. Mixed with our custom-made syrups, our talented baristas can whip you up your favourite cocktail in no time. Our collection of cordials, liquors, and mixers and an array of garnishing and fruit allow us to make bespoke cocktails for those hot summer days.

Why Trust Hendriks Cognac & Wine’s North Sydney Wine Bar

We offer a complete sensory experience with our modern decor, local and international drinks menu, and delicious food options. Why not join our next masterclass, where you can learn to pair wines, and create your own cognac cocktails. Come and visit our wine bar in North Sydney to dine, converse, and sip premium wines in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Contact us for a booking.