What You Should Know About Our St Leonards Bar

Our extensive menu includes generous portions of uniquely flavoured food, which you can pair with a fine wine to enjoy a well-rounded meal.

  • Cater for all tastes. Regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian or meat lover, our menus cater to all. Have a sweet tooth? Our sweet jaffles can sate your cravings. Want something a little different? Choose from a combination of the ingredients on our menu, and our talented chefs will whip up an indulgent meal.

  • Functions. The serene surroundings at our Southern Highlands venue make us the perfect place to host your work functions, birthday dinners, or special events. Just call us, make a booking and let us take care of the food and drinks.

  • A night out. Whether it’s a night out with your friends, an anniversary dinner, or just a date night, visit Hendriks Cognac & Wine in St Leonards for that warm, welcoming feeling. Take advantage of our outdoor seating to add a little romance to your evening out with your special someone or grab a table, enjoy a couple of cocktails, and laughs with your mates.


Bar St Leonards

Take a Break at Our Bar in St Leonards

Everyone needs an occasional break to relax and unwind, and what better way than joining up with some friends for a drink at a bar in St Leonards. With our friendly and calm atmosphere, Hendriks Cognac & Wine is the perfect place to go for exceptional food, wine, cocktails and of course, divine cognacs.


What You Can Expect from Our St Leonards Bar

We strive to offer our customers a warm and inviting atmosphere with food and drink that will provide you with a complete sensory experience.

  • Gourmet food. Enjoy one of our famous giant gourmet jaffles with the filling of your choice. Read through our delightful menu and see what appeals to your tastebuds. We offer an extensive range of filling ingredients to suit any palate.

  • Wines. We have searched the world to bring you our favourite wines to tickle your tastebuds. Typically people stick to the wines they know, and we wish to broaden our customers' palates and introduce them to new, fragrant wines from around the world.

  • Cocktails. Whether you're enjoying a night out with your mates or being adventurous, our cocktails are a must-try. Enjoy well-known cocktails or one of our signature ones, with a little added twist, and, of course, what would Hendriks Cognac & Wine be without adding some spice to our cocktails in the form of cognac. 

About Hendriks Cognac & Wine

Our warm and casual bar is located in the centre of Crows Nest. Although we are a cognac and wine bar, with our friendly, welcoming, and down-to-earth vibe, you don’t need to get dolled up to fit in with the crowd. We want our customers to enjoy a relaxed environment where they can experience a good drink in a new way. We have crafted our drinks menu to offer you the ultimate delights in taste, balance, and quality.

Contact us to reserve your seat and enjoy our hospitality.