Hendriks Cognac & Wine

At Hendriks, we have curated the wine list of dreams; scouring the finest wines from all over the world to bring you over 100 of our favourites.

Wine can be a tough world to navigate & people tend to stick to what they know & love. Our goal is to take the nonsense out & help our customers enjoy new tastes as well as old favourites from around the world.

Each bottle has its own story & we are on hand to take you on the journey to tailor the perfect taste & balance for you to enjoy. 

Making every wine accessible to everybody, our truly unique approach is to offer every single wine by the glass, all you have to do is be the first customer to choose what will be our special ‘by the glass wine’ that day & we will pour it until we run out.

What is the point of living your best life if you can’t share it?


Hendriks Cognac

The biggest question we are asked is ‘So why Cognac? Isn't that really strong & for old people?’ Actually no to both. Many things often associated with the drink known as eau de vie; water of life, are misconceptions & couldn’t be further from the truth.


No longer is Cognac sipped from a huge balloon that’s been heated by an old man & his butane gun. It’s the new (old) kid on the block when it comes to cool. We have so many ways to start your Cognac journey. Whether in one of our handcrafted cocktails, trying a VS with a mixer right through to an XO on ice with a dash of soda.


Cognac will tantalise your tastebuds with a scope of flavours including spicy, fruity, sweet & bitter & we have chosen the very best for you.


Cognac is versatile, beautifully balanced & completely understated. We are here to put it back on the map…well starting in Crows Nest at the very least.

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